Promotion of agricultural waste treatment

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:::Reasons for development

In the early days, the foundation of our country is based on the development of agriculture. The waste derived from the agricultural production process (such as: straw, poultry manure, etc.), which can be used for other purposes in life, including the straw ropes, fuel, mulch, etc. Most of them are decomposable organic matter in the environment.
In recent years, large number of plastic materials have been used during agricultural production procedure (such as covering film for planting strawberries). Because of low price and weather resistance, plastic materials have replaced the original covering materials in large quantities. Due to the dispersion of agricultural waste source, lacking of centralized collection and recycling, crop stalks are stacked in the field or burned in the field, causing air pollution and other problems.
Not only solve the insufficiency of agricultural waste collection and recycling ways, but also avoid the impact of environmental pollution caused by the arbitrary disposal or open burning of agricultural waste. We introduce the Information of "recycling and sorting methods", "processing and reusing methods" and "recycling ways". Let these misplaced resources can be properly handled and reused.